Spotlight on Amelia Pips

Amelia Pips and QCC started our journeys together close to a year ago. Long time acquaintance, first time business owners and hopefully lifetime friends now. Shasta and I knew each other through a very close friend of ours many many moons ago. No doubt this friend will be looking down on us thinking "What the heck are you two up to?" and laughing at all our posts and DMs to each other. 

I have loved working with Shasta over the past 12 months and watching her hobby grow into an incredible business. Her passion for creating such gorgeous products for her Customers truly shows and you can seriously feel it when you light up one of her candles in your home.

It was a no brainer that I would reach out to her to answer some questions for our showcase. Here we go:


How would you describe Amelia Pips in a few sentences?

- Candles made with love. Amelia Pips is a Perth based company that create handmade, handpoured and heartfelt soy wax candles, where customers have the option to refill used jars to help reduce waste. I pride myself not only on the wide range of beautiful scents for wholesalers, businesses and individuals, but also event stylists, wedding planners, home decorators and candle lovers like myself!

Where did the name Amelia Pips come from?

- My Dad came up with the name believe it or not. I don't even think he realised what he did at the time, this was 6-7 years ago. Amelia means work/industrious, and because I was obsessed with marshmallows, Dad suggested the brand Peeps from the US hence the Pips. Put together being Amelia Pips, it sounds cute, fun, vivacious and flirty. So I have kept the name close to me, never discussing it with anyone until I was ready and started asking for feedback on the brand. Funnily enough, people on Instagram assumed that it was my name.

How long have you been a small business for? And how did you start?

- I think almost a year. I have Covid to thank for it as I have been wanting to make candles for as long as I had the brand, but I have been working non stop and felt that I didn't even have enough time for myself. When Covid hit and we were locked in the house for 2 months, that's when I thought - I finally have the time to actually do my candles! So then I started with the colours, logo, acquring my ABN etc etc.

What is the one thing you want people to know about Amelia Pips?

- That it is made with LOVE! As much as I sometimes complain about how tired I am from my part-time job, I still enjoy making each and every candle, except the ones I f*ck up - and that happens (can I swear on this??). The candles are made in small batches to ensure quality control and yet sometimes I still f it up with a little bubble here and there, or get my nail stuck on one of the smooth surface candles while packing. So I had to learn that sh*t happens! With every candle completed whether it's the standard ones or the ones fused with pretty flowers, I still admire each one.

What is your dream for Amelia Pips?

- Well, firstly to get the website up and running! Then I would like to venture out to simple home decor, curating things that I like. Just random stuff. But before I do all that, I would like to come up with 3 more collections to add to my existing 4 collections at the moment.

QCC favourite - Describe your business using a song title.

- Nina Simone - Feeling good! 

Not only do candles have the power to lift your mood and comfort you, but I have found great empowerment in turning something I love into a business and great joy in all of the positive feedback!


So that's Amelia Pips (aka Shasta), gorgeous, funny and real. Head on over to her Instagram to check out her collection! Also did anyone else google the brand Peeps Marshmallows? I did!