Spotlight on Louisa Sabrina

What's your take on influencers? Good, bad, indifferent? Well I love them! The right ones of course. I would say I am a pretty good judge of character, but it's definitely alot harder across your mobile or laptop screens. I love that I have the opportunity to now showcase some of my personal favs to my community - some of them known to me personally, some I have just been following along and have built virtual relationships with since starting my social media presence with QCC. Louisa and I have known each other way back in our clubbing days and just recently rekindled back on the 'gram in the last year. This Babe is down right gorgeous and one to watch. She's even followed and realised her dream and now has her own clothing label - CHECK IT OUT! @novacancy_thelabel

Here's what we quizzed her on:


Why did you initially create an Instagram account? And how long have you been an influencer for?
For myself, I have always been one to seek a bargain when it comes to my personal style and believe that you can definitely create stylish outfits without breaking the bank. I started my instagram account back in 2017 to show how I personally style my outfits using clothing pieces from affordable clothing stores that I shopped from.
Back then, most of the fashion- style accounts on instagram focused more on showcasing luxury brands & lifestyle.
There were very few accounts that focused on affordable style  - Tina from @trashtotreasured being one of the few which provided content showing outfits that were relatable and attainable at budget price point
So I wanted to show my take on affordable style and hoped that there were others like me who wanted more relatable accounts that they could follow.
With a gorgeous little one in tow, how do you find the time to create content, post and share to your community?
I am very fortunate to have a hubby who is very supportive of my passion for my instagram account, so he has definitely been a big help!
To be honest, it was much easier creating content when Kiara was a newborn and I was on maternity leave, so bringing Kiara around to the shops to try on clothes & taking photos was more manageable compared to now being back to work at 2 jobs and entertaining a very active toddler so unfortunately i don't post as often as i would like.
I will mostly allocate time usually in the mornings on weekends to film content and pre-plan posting throughout the week in order to keep a good balance with my schedule.
What do you love most about what you do? What has been the most exciting part of having the platform to share your love for affordable style?
I love the creative aspect of it! My other main job is more of an office accounts/admin role so definitely one of the reasons I started my instagram account as it is a creative outlet for myself. I often have people tell me they go into places like Kmart and they don't know what to buy, and they are shocked when they see the outfits i've styled with pieces from there, so it definitely makes me happy that i can provide some style inspiration and show others how pieces can look off the hanger.
One of the most exciting experiences of having this platform was being personally flown over to Melbourne for the Kmart Apparel Launch last year with other fellow bargain bloggers.
When i first started, Kmart was not really a go-to for trendy clothing, people were more influenced in purchasing their affordable homeware range, however I found some really good key basics (that are still some of my favourite now) which really kick-started my love for Kmart clothes and it's amazing to see how far they've come with their apparel range.
This platform has also allowed me to work with a number of brands that I personally wear and love which is always so exciting.
Do you have any tips for anyone wanting to start their social media presence?
  • Figure out what is your niche that you want to focus on for your instagram account & make sure it' something you are actually passionate about - whether it be affordable fashion, fitness & health, beauty, food & cooking, etc. You have to love what you are posting about & be true to yourself otherwise it will definitely feel like a chore and an obligation.
  • Engage with other fellow instagram accounts in the same niche as you - I have come to know some amazing people in the bargain blogger community on instagram who have been so supportive and provide that positive hype and motivation when I needed it.
If there was no such thing as social media, what would be your dream job right now?
Definitely to have my own clothing label, which is something I have currently in the works at the moment so stay tuned!
QCC Favourite – What is your favourite quote or saying at the moment?   
Note to Self: You can't control how other people receive your energy. 
Whatever you do or say will get filtered through the lens of what someone is going through at this moment. Which has nothing to do with you. 
Just keep focused on doing your own thing with as much kindness and love as possible.


And there you have it, kindness and love, this is why we are drawn to each other. Oh and the fact we are both Scorpios too! So, if you're not following her already, get on your socials and hit that "follow" button, you won't be disappointed. We love you @louisa.sabrina! And your gorgeous little Mini too!