Spotlight on Me

Hi Babe, yes that's meee in the photo! I am literally swinging around on my chair with a huge teethy smile on my face while writing this, because I am so happy to be able to bring this part of my dreams to life. Something that I wasn't dreaming about for years and years but ever since I started Quirkee Circus and Co. as a small business, I have always wanted to be able to showcase the brands, products and people behind the brands and have since wondered how I can do this. BOOM! Start a blog on my website!

Born in Singapore (missing my family so much), raised in Perth, engaged to a Bosnian and have a whole heap of amazing family and friends surrounding me. Fuelled by my passion for photography, travel, food and food while travelling, Quirkee Circus (without the Co.) started off as a food blog some years ago. If you scroll alllll the way down my instagram page, you will see my old posts from my eating and travelling diary that I am finding sooo hard to archive as that was and still is a huge part of my life. Not many people know this but I also loved, and still do love, writing which makes this part of Quirkee Circus and Co. so incredibly exciting for me.

Hmm what else is there to know? The Co. was added on because my other (sometimes better) half plays a huge part in being tech support, quality tester/taster, designer, sounding board and cuddler, because we all know that there are times we want to throw in the towel when things don't work out how we plan. The Co. also represents all my hype girls and boys who keep me grounded, send daily encouragement through texts, calls, meme tags, likes, shares, comments and placed orders from the beginning when I had no idea what I was doing. I'm still working that 9 - 5 grind in the Corporate World, but maybe one day I can look back on this one exact post and see how far I have come with this business.

So stay tuned for more spotlights on my favourite brands, products, interviews with gorgeous people and small businesses over the coming weeks, months and hopefully years. Did someone say online magazine? Eeeeeep you heard right, I would LOVE to one day (maybe in the not so distant future) start an online magazine to showcase the incredible small businesses around Australia. The ones that start from your living room, from your garage, with no funding, with a story to tell. That is my goal, that is my dream, but for now, this new blog is firing something in me that makes me oh so happy. Not only will I be showcasing the brands I work with, but people I absolutely love that honestly make this World a better place to be. Because you know, we need more of that!

THANK YOU for reading if you got this far, be kind, spread love and if you have the chance to do something nice for someone, do it. I guarantee it will be worth it.