Spotlight on Nina Bailey

When QCC first started, Nina Bailey was one of the very first brands we ever stocked and both you and I have not been disappointed since. Nina Bailey is in fact NOT the name of these two, let me introduce you to Tandra (on the left) and Taylor (on the right). A Mum and daughter team that I absolutely adore. I don't know them personally, but I honestly feel like their gorgeous souls make this World a better place to be.

I've also loved getting my Mum involved in QCC, helping me pick up boxes, unpack stock, pack boxes and keep me company on my delivery runs and I just get the same feels from Nina Bailey. It warms my heart immensely.

Read to the very end and I'll tell you where the name Nina Bailey came from! It's super cute, I know you want to know!


Who is Nina Bailey?

We are a family run business manufacturing eco-luxury home fragrance and body care in Perth, Western Australia. Each product in our beautiful range is hand-made locally with intention and love. We combine clean design with sustainable materials. Special attention is made to sourcing premium Australian ingredients in all our products. As a mother and daughter team, we are passionate about delivering luxurious products. Each day we get to create new memories whilst doing something we love.

Where did the idea to start Nina Bailey come from?

Idea was from Taylor in 2014 when she was 16, working in a local florist. Taylor was inspired to create a business of her own where she could use her own creativity. As Taylor and I are very close it was obvious to us both that we would make a great team.

Tandra, what is it like working with your daughter?

I love working with Taylor. I couldn't and wouldn't want to do this with anyone else.

Taylor, what is it like working with your Mum?

We have a lot of fun together. We disagree sometimes of course but it's good to have a different point of view as it makes us a good combination.

What has been Nina Bailey's biggest achievement to date?

Definitely being stocked Australia wide. We are both so proud and humbled that our products have been received so well by our customers. We put alot of love and care into each and every product, using ingredients that only we would be happy to put on our skin or use in our home (trust this is something we are very particular about).

What is your favourite product on your shelf a the moment?

Botanique and relax bath oil. Can I have two?? I love these both equally.


Glow Exfoliating Crystals.

QCC Favourite - If you were given one superpower what would it be? And why?

Healing - If I had one superpower it would be to heal this planet of this dreadful Covid virus.


Invisibility - To see what others can not.


And the name Nina Bailey you're wondering? Well I also wondered for a few months, until I knocked on their front door to pick up some stock and was greeted by 2 little pups named Nina and Bailey. Ultra cute!

Head on over to the Nina Bailey website and check out all their luscious products. Great little gift ideas for your friends and family!