Spotlight on Pop and Crackle

Gorgeous earrings, statement studs and beautiful hairclips and scrunchies are just some of the things Pop and Crackle are all about. Affordable fashion pieces at its finest and all handcrafted right here in Perth. 

Started as a sister duo, Ami and Kia wanted to design accessories that were unique. Shortly after setting up this beautiful business, Kia lost her battle with cancer and Ami now continues on this amazing legacy for the two of them. 10% of sale proceeds are donated back towards cancer research, which is such an inspiring and incredible thing to do.


Here's more of their story below.

I love the story behind Pop and Crackle, would you be happy to share this with my community?

Absolutely! The passing of my sister is really hard for me, however it is very much a part of the P&C story. We basically started it and then she got diagnosed a week later, so it was really tough but meant we got to spend some quality time together and making for both myself (more so now) and her at the time was very therapeutic.

Where did the name Pop and Crackle come from?

When we started we just wanted to make beautiful things and share them, more of a hobby than anything else, but we wanted to give it a name. As we were making jewellery that was fun we figured the name didn't have to mean anything, per-se, so we just played around. My daughters name is Poppy and she was only 10 months at the time, so my World revolved around her, as it does! So we played on the name Poppy and came up with Pop and Crackle and it just seemed fun so we went with it. And I still love it to this day!

What is the one accessory you wear every day from Pop and Crackle?

I rotate a different hairclip every single day, as does my daughter (usually she wears 4 - 5 a day). And my favourite earrings currently swap between my lilac star and moon dangles and my cream dreams. Both stapled that I can wear to the playground with the kids, or out for drinks etc.

What do you love about your small business?

I have always loved my jobs, being passionate and believing in something is very much who I am as a person. My background is in the not for profit space and I love helping people and making a difference. Life took a different turn after having kids and again when Kia got sick and I realised that I needed to do something that I absolutely loved, that was for me, that made me happy, that still made a difference and that I could do around the kids and my husband's work (he's a bricklayer and super busy). Pop and Crackle is that and more to me. I love creating beautiful things, I love hearing from our amazing customers that they love them just as much as me, I love making women feel beautiful and I love being creative and being able to immerse myself in something that I enjoy so much. I love showing my kids hard work but doing it with passion. Lastly, I love that we donate 10% of all profits to the Youth Cancer Centre and hold regular events to boost this further with wonderful other local businesses getting involved and donating their precious goods to help raise funds. This is something I am most proud of and never have felt more strongly about a cause.

How are your earrings made? They are so stunning!

Thank you!

They are made from polymer clay. It's quite a process so let me step you through it.

1. Polymer clay comes in bar like form. You pick your colours, colour mix and condition your clay to get the desired colour and texture you are after and roll this out in a big base-like slab.

2. To make a multicoloured slab, you then layer on other colours of polymer clay in different designs, roll it out and that is how you get your design. You also can texturise, add paint, gold leaf, glitter and lots of other embellishments.

3. You then cut out your desired shapes and put them in the oven to bake and cure.

4. You sand all the elements and give them a good buff and clean.

5. Now I glue the earring backings on and drill all the holes, put the earrings together and the final product is complete!

If there is one thing you could do for your business right now, what would it be?

I am in growth phase currently, with new products added to my mix and my next move is to engage with new wholesalers. All my wholesalers are currently in Perth, so I would like to diversify to broaden WA and Australia possibly too.

QCC Favourite - What's your most prized possession? And why?

Hmmm good question! My most prized possession would have to be a ring my Nanna gave me, it was hers and she passed it on to to me about 10 years ago. It was my first piece of real gold and diamond jewellery and is the most beautiful antique style ring that always captures people's attention. My Nanna has done this for myself and both my sisters and Mum and it is something I treasure so much as I think it is the most sentimental and touching gift. I wear it everyday and hope to carry on the tradition to my daughter in future.


So that's Pop and Crackle! Bright and playful with so much meaning I absolutely adore this brand and what they are all about. Have a browse, support and shop, you're not just buying something, you're also making a difference.