Spotlight on The Butter People

Kylie and Kris are the beings behind TBP. I've never met them personally but can tell by our "social" interactions that they are two great humans to have on our planet. After tasting their butter, I knew I had to reach out and do a little feature on their business. So they answered some of my questions below.


What is The Butter People and how did it all begin?

We are a small batch, artisan producer of premium quality multi-award-winning butter.

Starting in 2017 we were the first producer to bring a 100% WA-made butter back to Perth family tables.

The Butter People started because of Kylie's passion for cooking and experimenting with food. She’d always been interested in texture and particularly obsessed about flavour. This meant that she was often making food from scratch and therefore interested in the food that went into food. Butter being such a central ingredient of homemade cooking she wanted to make sure she was using the absolute best butter available. For a variety of reasons, no store-bought butter could ever bring the phenomenal flavour Kylie was looking for…

Having searched high and low for a decent butter that would meet such high standards, she simply decided to create her own. In doing so, The Butter People was born and makes a stand for what the supermarkets are sorely missing:

A premium WA Butter with no added preservatives, fillers or nasties. A butter that is completely all-natural and made from the freshest ingredients possible.

The Butter People are proud supporters of ethical & sustainable dairy farmers and only source cream from a herd of the happiest grass-fed cows. Traditionally garnished with the best salt too, sourced from the lowest carbon emission salt producer in Australia. Even our brown paper packaging is biodegradable and compostable, breaking down within 4-6 weeks, free from all waxes, adhesives, and dyes.

All these elements combined with our passion for great food and environmental awareness means that you can truly taste the difference with The Butter People’s butter.


What do you both love doing outside of your business?

Eating, cooking, learning, exploring, enjoying a good book – all of the above!

It’s often the simple things too, even if it is just having a great conversation on our couch while hanging out with our cats (Willow and Nieve).

We’ve recently bought our first home and are loving making it our own – tidying up the yard, hanging pictures, growing herbs, general maintenance. Looking forward to doing some renovations when we’re able to go without the kitchen or bathroom for a couple of weeks.

Kris is a voracious reader so he’s always getting lost in a good book when he has some downtime.


Where would you love to see The Butter People in the next 5 years?

We’d love to have our own bricks & mortar store. Perth people really love supporting local, family-owned businesses, especially if it’s a destination venue filled with freshly roasted coffee, great food and good vibes. It would be great to have dedicated space to celebrate quality artisan producers in Perth that has our own Butter People spin on things.


What is the best part of running your own business?

How it challenges us both to grow as individuals…

A business never outgrows its Founders so it’s essentially been the best course in personal development we’ve ever had.

Second to that would be the freedom to choose how we spend our time, even if a lot of that is dedicated to building the business. The freedom to choose who we want to work with and the people we want to serve has been very rewarding. For example, our latest collaboration with Bolt Coffee Roasters to create a Butter Coffee product has been very exciting and a lot of fun. In a traditional job, you just don’t have that level of freedom - it’s the best part of running your own business.


And what are your major challenges?

In the beginning you’re striving to make the best product possible. Once you’ve done that though you have the unenviable task of scaling production without sacrificing quality… for artisan food producers this is a constant battle. We love a good challenge though and can honestly say that after 5 years in business we’ve never had to do this, and our butter is now the best it’s ever been.


What is it like to work with family? Any words of advice for others in a similar position looking to start a business together or grow an existing business with a loved one?

Kylie – It’s definitely not for everyone. Kris and I have been together for 12 years, and we are always committed to each other first. I personally believe it’s not worth working so hard doing this together if we’re not looking after each other, supporting each other, and if we’re not happy. Our focus isn’t on success and money, rather we both revel in living the journey, being present in the moment and ensuring we enjoy our life right now. If at any point, we feel this is in jeopardy we start looking at what needs to change and how to get back to enjoying the journey.

Kris – My best advice would be to maintain open communication (I know it sounds cliché but actually doing this in practice is harder than it appears). It means listening to one another and really hearing what the other has to say. Recognising that each person has their own viewpoint and to varying degrees their perspective could either be very useful or even a hindrance (your own perspective included). So do your best to understand where each is coming from, and then make the call together on what’s the best course of action to make progress towards where you want to go.


QCC Favourite – Where in the World would you love to travel to right now? And why?

Kylie – Ha ha, everywhere and nowhere!

I’d love to be on a beach in Thailand, visiting my friend good friend Aoife in Ireland, taking a yoga class in Ubud, eating in Italy, showing Kris around Barcelona, taking in the sites in Istanbul, swimming in the warm ocean surrounding Bora Bora.

I love exploring and learning about culture and history of a place while simultaneously being completely present and immersed in the abundance and beauty of nature. But I also love sitting on our couch, looking outside our window sipping coffee with Kris and a cat.

Kris – I have a deep love for history so anywhere that has existed for hundreds, if not thousands of years is exciting to me. Kylie does an amazing job planning our holidays and I often appreciate the days in between where we have nothing planned at all the most. Sometimes because of the chance for spontaneity, and other times because its beautiful to just relax and enjoy the moment without rushing to do anything or be anywhere.


So that's them! See why I love their biz? Looking for something to new to try, give them a follow on insta to find where they pop up at Markets and go one step further and support them by buying some of their butter sticks online. You'll thank me later!