Spotlight on The Flaming Flamingo

The Flaming Flamingo started over a year ago and what started as a hobby to help with health issues, Lauren soon turned this hobby into a small business. Stemming from a creative family background, with inspiration from her family across the World, Lauren's drive and determination through her own battles has allowed her to create something so beautiful and magical right from her home. 


These are the small businesses I have come to know and come to love. The pink aesthetic instagram feed also got me across the line. So so pretty!


Get to know more about Lauren and her business below.


Where did the idea of starting The Flaming Flamingo come from?

I, Lauren Smith, the creator of The Flaming Flamingo started creating candles with no intention to sell but initially just to keep my mind busy throughout my health battle. I unfortunately suffer with severe health issues which led to having a total pancreatectomy in September 2020, in easier terms it meant I had 7 organs removed in Sydney in hope that my health would improve as my pancreas was rotted inside of me! Growing up I've been surrounded by a creative family and relatives who are self employed, this definitely motivated me to sell my products and now look where we are! 7 organs lighter and candles flying off the shelves! Things definitely happen for a reason!


What is it about your business you love the most?

Without a doubt the friendships I've made with both other self-employed Perth women and customers! I've only had a business for a year but the amount of opportunities, lessons learnt and friendships made has been amazing. It's definitely given me a reason to get up in the morning and push through the chronic pain!

What is your favourite candle at the moment?

That's like asking a Mum to pick their favourite child! I'm a fruity scent lover, I always have our classic jar with prosecco fragrance burning which is like a fizzy strawberry smell. 

How is it made?

Our candles are all homemade and poured within our garage which has now turned into a mini workshop!

How do you get creative if you have a "block"?

I am currently in the process of experimenting with a completely different material to create an exciting new product which will be paired with our candles. As I type this, I am avoiding work as I currently have a creative mind "block". Blocks are hard! I am trying to experiment with colour combinations, I find that things come naturally. I often go into the garden or get out the house and colours I see combined together I always take photos of or write down! It can definitely be hard. Pinterest for colour combinations within home decor/trends etc is always a great help!

Who is your biggest inspiration right now? And why?

Most definitely my ceramicist, creative and colourful Auntie! My Auntie (@mccheeksmayhemceramics) lives in Houston, Texas in a funky warehouse which also has her studio space and my Uncles screen printing studio. In November 2018 before I had started my business, I went over for a visit. My Auntie was hosting and participating in several markets and I loved giving her a creative helping hand. Although our products are completely different we often call weekly in which we discuss business and creative projects. We often end up chatting for ages, I feel so motivated after our Facetime chats. I definitely wish we lived closer!

QCC Favourite - What is your dream holiday destination? And why?

Definitely have to be Renaissance Island in Aruba as you can sunbathe surrounded by Flamingos (Flamingos obsessed if you couldn't tell)!


What a gem! Check out @theflamingflamingo_ and share some love. Gorgeous products, beautiful human and an amazing small business.