Spotlight on Yasmin Walter

Yasmin Walter is a force to be reckoned with and if you haven't heard of her by now, you will want to follow along her life journey. She's creative and has this entrepreneurial spirit that is so captivating and awe-inspiring.


Keep reading to see just a small snippet into the life of Yas and her family.


How did you begin your journey as an entrepreneur?

As a teenager, you want to have the cool things that all the other kids have, but unfortunately (or fortunately for the lessons I learnt) for me, my mum was a single parent to 6 kids. She simply couldn't afford these luxuries. This forced me to think of ways to make money. I got my first job making bubble tea at the age of 14 and within a couple of months I picked up a second job working in a Thai restaurant. I was getting $5 an hour and I thought I was so rich. I spent my first pay check on warm cinnamon donuts and a flake shake. Ah the simple life. I started to develop an intolerance for authority and people telling me what to do so I started to explore the land of entrepreneurship. To be honest I didn't even know what that word meant until a few years later. Start-ups weren't so common back then. At the age of 17 I started a graphic design business with my sister and I've worked for myself ever since. I've dabbled in so many industries. You name it and I have a business card for it somewhere.

What has been your proudest moment in business?

There are so many but I would say the ones that stand out the most would have to be developing a business from scratch, building it to success then selling them off. I have done this with a media business (Tagroom) and a modelling academy/talent agency (Model Camp Australia). I think also being acknowledged for your work with awards is a proud moment too. Most noted is 40 under 40.

How do you juggle life as a FIFO wife, Mum of 2 girls and all the businesses you own, run and support?

I get asked this alot and the answer is always the same. I don't know I just do it LOL. I love a to-do list and a to-bring list. It helps that I'm super organised and action tasks straight away. I generally work (when I can) around my kids' bedtime and school time. That way I can be present with them as much as possible. Sometimes I want to rush downstairs and start my work load for the night as soon as the kids are tucked in but they ask for an extra snuggle. At those times we have to remember that an extra 5-10 minutes with them will make them feel loved and important, the emails can wait. But also best tip, put on some gangster rap music and get sh*t done!

Tell us a little more about KMD books?

KMD Books is a publishing house based in Perth, founded by the extraordinary Karen McDermott. There are two divisions, KMD Books - publishing the finest thought leaders, business owners and futurists, and a newly opened kids division called Little K Books - nurturing the imagination of the next generation.

How and why did you get involved?

It was actually by chance that my husband and I got involved in KMD Books. Karen posted a "looking for expressions of interest for author investors" status on Facebook and I enquired and it went from there. We were co-owners within weeks. Writing a book has always been on the future goals list for my husband and I so we said why not.

I absolutely love that Azelia has written her book "The Adventures of a FIFO Kid", can you tell us how this came about and the process involved to getting the book to publication?

I came up with the idea to release a FIFO trilogy - Hubby would write a book for the husbands of FIFO, I would cater to the wives and my 6 year old would make a book for the kids in FIFO. For Azelia's book, she wrote down all the activities she likes to do when Dad is away, allocated names to each character (which are mostly her cousins because she has so many) and sent them off to get illustrated.

If there was someone sitting at home reading this, what is one piece of advice you can give them to start creating their ideal career today?

Just do it! Research it and research it well. Don't choose something that is oversaturated and think of ways to make your business different to your competitors. Don't overthink it though. I learnt everything as I went, if it doesn't work you adapt the vision and try the alternative way.

What's next for Yasmin Walter?

If you had asked me 6 months ago, there is no way I would have said I'd be a publisher and author with a #1 best seller on Amazon so who knows! I am ready for whatever opportunity presents itself that aligns with my lifestyle.

QCC Favourite - If you were given one superpower what would it be and why?

Definitely flying super powers because I hate driving haha!


So there you have it. Absolute babe, super mum, super human and super friend. She's all sorts of amazing but down to Earth and the World could not ask for a better human.