Showcase — smallbusiness

Spotlight on The Butter People

The Butter People! That's exactly who they are! They're gorgeous humans that make divine butter right here in Perth. Embracing natural ingredients and enjoying clean living, Kylie and Kris started The Butter People because of their passion for cooking and experimenting with food.

Spotlight on The Flaming Flamingo

The absolutely gorgeous Lauren tells us her story on how the creation of her candles helped her through some of her toughest times. So incredibly inspiring!

Spotlight on Salted Bliss

Meet Rhonda, a Perth based bath and beauty creator who is just as gorgeous as her products. Rhonda's business, Salted Bliss, was established in 2016 after a lifetime of being obsessed with natural skincare.

Spotlight on Me

Kicking off our showcase, I thought I would share abit about me. Owner, designer, researcher, reviewer, tester, gifting lover and face behind Quirkee Circus and Co.