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Can't find what you're looking for? We've got you covered!

Custom Original boxes start from $150 and whilst we work hard to get this page up and running to make it an easy process for you to design your own boxes, please use the form below to order a custom box. We will get in touch within 48 hours to create a beautiful and loved giftbox together.

We also love to get our hands into Corporate gifting, so if you are a business that has been looking for the perfect gift for your customers or staff, get in touch today. We can curate boxes within your budget and ensure that it is presented in style for you to pass on.


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The OG or The Mini? Both are as delicious and packed with love as each other but choose what fits into your budget for your gifting needs.

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We have a beautiful range of products, so while we work on this part of our website, please contact us via the form below as we would still love to help create something special for you or your loved one. We can mix and match anything you have seen in our pre-made boxes or switch around a couple of items. Come follow us on our instagram page to see new product launches and all things QCC.

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For the final touch, select one of our cards and send us your personalised message which will be handwritten by us. Be sure to keep it less than 100 words otherwise we have to write REALLY REALLY small.

Lets create your custom giftbox together!