Our Story

Just a girl trying to spread some love and happiness throughout Australia and maybe one day across the World too.

I have designed these giftboxes to ensure that everything in the box is used and loved. They've been created to bring a smile to your face even if it is just for a moment, because everyone deserves to feel their soul shine.

All products have a story of their own and my search for the right ones have taken me on an adventure around Australia. The most exciting discovery has been the unbelievable people who have created all this amazing goodness. Everything is all carefully researched, reviewed, tried, tested, used and tasted by yours truly, with my nearest and dearest sometimes coming along for the ride too. 

With my hand on my heart I can honestly say that each and every product is absolutely LOVED by me, and I hope that you do too.

It's been such a amazing journey so far and with your love, I hope we can continue to support small businesses together.

So THANK YOU for all the unconditional support, all your likes, comments, website clicks, enquiries and of course orders, do not go unnoticed. I am and will always be truly grateful.

Janice xxx


Our Products

Our products are all sourced from Australian small businesses and we only stock them because we absolutely LOVE them too. We endeavour to support local, shop small and most importantly try and play a part in keeping things sustainable and eco-friendly.

Our Boxes

Quirkee Circus and Co. giftboxes are curated to ensure that every single item in the box will be used and loved. Our pre-made boxes feature some of our best sellers but we pride ourselves in being able to accommodate all your needs. You know your Babes best so be sure to get in touch so we can custom create something beautiful for you to send off to your loved one.